Porsche 911 Launch

For the launch of the new 7th series of Porsche 911 we were asked to create an intimate and understated event, that still had to ‘wow’ a very discerning (and somewhat jaded) audience.

First, we took them out of their comfort zone to the dramatic and edgy Carriageworks in Eveleigh. Second, we  ensured the highest standards of hospitality, from VIP parking attendants to charming hostesses and cocktails on arrival.

After walking past a line-up of the previous 6 generations of 911 in the foyer, guests entered the dramatically lit event space, filled with three vintage silver 911s, a ‘white on white’ lounging area and displays by Porsche Design and Porsche Driving Experience. Behind a sheer black drape a solo harpist performed in front of a 7 metre high LED wall, slowly scrolling imagery of the iconic car.

After a brief speech, the drape was pulled back commencing  the reveal of 5 new models within a brand-inspired pop up showroom. The LED wall rose up to reveal the final car moving down a raised white catwalk, followed by silver pyros and the return of the harpist with his band. Oversized cheese & dessert grazing tables were wheeled in for guests to enjoy as they inspected (touched, photographed, caressed and placed orders for) the cars.

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Porsche 911 Launch